Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It was wonderful...right up to that last moment

I had heard so much about Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit Trail.  “Have you done the trail?” people would ask whenever we were in town.  This walking/running/biking trail runs…well forever!  I know that it runs from downtown Greenville to Travelers Rest. 

I can now attest that it is wonderful!  No, that really doesn’t capture how wonderful it is!  

Last weekend Anita and I were in town to celebrate Amy Shelley and Matt Olson’s wedding.  We decided that we would throw our bikes on the car and go for a ride.

(A sideline, when we checked into our hotel the young lady behind the counter looked at me and said, “Mr. Flowers?  I am Brett Barbare…well I was.  I got married last month and now I am Mrs. Flowers!”  Brett and Alison were good friends when we lived in Greenville.  Just one of those little serendipities!  And the people at the Hampton Inn downtown took great care of our bikes—and is a wonderful place to stay I might add!)

So Friday morning Anita and I took off!  We rode north.  And did I mention that it was wonderful.  Anita turned green with envy when she saw the rubberized running track!  The trail runs through places that prior you wouldn’t have gone, but now there are little cafes that cater to the bikers and runners.  Neighborhoods put up signs that say “Like riding the Swamp Rabbit Trail?  Imagine living beside it!”  The trail has become an economic catalyst.  (Do you hear that Charleston???)

We made our way to Furman, took a ride around the lake which our children had enjoyed during their college days; ran into friends.  We ventured on to Travelers Rest before turning around and heading back for a quick lunch.  We made it back downtown and then went a little further—through Cleveland Park.

That was when Anita said she was going to head back to start getting ready for the wedding.  (Did I mention that I was officiating??)  I rode a bit further before turning back!
I got lost in Cleveland Park—ended up down near the zoo, off the trail.  I realized my mistake and turned around.

Did I mention that it was a wonderful ride?

Right up to the point that I made a left hand turn off the little bridge, never seeing the mud on the trail.

You know, it doesn’t take long to hit the ground!  Hard!

As I was sprawled all over the path, I tried to catch my breath, confirmed that I could move everything, made sure my bike was ridable.

It was then that I realized that my ribs really hurt!  REALLY HURT!

Short version, I saw Dr, Mathis at the reception and he told me what I knew. If they were broken (which I think they are) there really isn’t anything to do—just wait.

Sleeping the last few nights has been difficult.  Moving heavy stuff around hurts (so don’t do that!) I am almost looking forward to sitting on the flight, because they don’t hurt when I am sitting.

Did I mention that the Swamp Rabbit Trail is really wonderful?  I had a wonderful time—right up to that last moment!

See, this sabbatical stuff isn’t all wonderful! Life does go on!

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