Monday, June 10, 2013

Don's No Good Really Rotten Horrible Day

Since Alison Flowers has already outed us on Facebook, I thought I needed to share the whole story!  

Today Anita and I decided that we would go shopping for some beach towels, get some flip flops so as not to ruin our shoes, and then go to the beach and grab some supper.  Sounds easy enough, right?

And we made our way to Hardy's which is like a Super Wal Mart.  Bought 2 beach towels and 2 pairs of shoes for $25.  Then we stopped by the church to see if Anita's internet card had showed up--it hadn't.  (Note the music change to much more foreboding!)

We headed back to the beach, thinking that we would eat at a resturant where we ate on Sat--right on the beach, but couldn't find it.  So we walked for a while and then started driving to find it.  Remember, I am driving a little scooter in the land of crazy drivers.  

We look and look and look for the resturant--it has become a quest--when Anita asks, "How are we on gas?"  "Fine!" I say, because it is close to the end.  Only, as I looked at it, it was past the E!  So food takes a backseat (if we had one on the scooter) to gas.  We ask people about Petrol, they send us on a quest that ended up on the traffic equivalent of Savannah Highway at rush hour, only faster.  At last we see a place, make a U-turn and get in.  

Let me say that I was as stressed as I have ever been.  What do we do if we run out of gas, have no idea where we are, or where a gas station is!  Filled the tank up for 18000 rupiah, or about $2.00.  

Now with gas we can head to supper!  Back on Savannah Highway, get to the light where we are to turn, and it turns red just as we are starting across.  We aren't in a good space--even worse when a policeman comes over and "invites" me to come see them!

They are very polite, telling me that I have the wrong license -I can't drive a motorcycle in SC.   He also cited me for not backing up.  The bottom line, I can either give up my license and registration and go to court, or we can settle it there for a mere 250,000 rupiah, or about $25.00.  What would YOU do???

I now have a criminal record; but escaped life in an Indonesian jail.  All in all not a bad day!  It was a really horrible no good rotten day!

I know, I know!  It's Bali!  But can't a guy get a little bit of sympathy?

And no, I didn't take a picture of the nice police officer, but I will get you a picture soon of Don Flowers, preacher and soon to be Hell's Angel!  With Anita Flowers, my Motorcycle Mama!  Or Scooter Sweetie--either way she has a hot red helmet!

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